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Poll Reveals Most Common Types of Hair Loss That Dermatologists Treat

There are many different types of hair loss you can experience in your lifetime. From genetics to stress related hair loss, the cause impacts how the condition should be treated. A recent poll in the United States found that dermatologists predominantly treat three main types of hair loss: Androgenetic Alopecia, Alopecia Areata, and Scarring Alopecia. […]

Could your high blood pressure medication cause hair loss?

Hair loss can occur due to a wide range of factors. While it is often down to genetics or an issue with the immune system, in some cases it can be caused by medication you’re taking to treat underlying health issues. As September is high blood pressure awareness month, we look at whether hypertension medication […]

More Than a Bad Hair Day: New Research Links Hair Loss and Depression

For many patients, alopecia areata is more than just a cosmetic concern. While it’s long been suspected that hair loss may be linked to depression, a new study has confirmed the connection. According to a recent study, a significant number of patients dealing with hair loss also experience symptoms of depression. In this blog, we’ll […]

Hairy Moles and Solving the Mystery of Hair Loss

Ever glanced at a hairy mole and thought it might be the key to reversing hair loss? Probably not, but scientists have! In a groundbreaking study, researchers have identified a unique process within hairy moles that might just hold the answer to stimulating hair growth in those grappling with male or female pattern hair loss. […]

Potential Breakthrough in Stimulating Hair Growth

A team of researchers from Northwestern University have announced an exciting discovery that could be a game-changer in the treatment of male pattern baldness. Scientists believe they’ve stumbled upon a promising method to trigger hair growth. What they found is that as individuals age, the hair follicles become more rigid, which inhibits the growth of […]

New AA Hair Loss Drug Approved

Exciting developments are consistently being made in the hair loss sector, and the latest provides hope for those suffering with Alopecia Areata. A new oral medication has shown great promise in helping hair to grow back. The medication, called LITFULO, has gone through careful testing in a recent major study that was set up to […]

Alopecia Areata Treatment Found to Be Effective for Treating Adolescents

Ground-breaking results from a clinical trial led by researchers at Yale University have given hope to adolescents suffering from alopecia areata – a condition causing abrupt and often significant hair loss. Recognised as the second leading cause of hair loss, alopecia areata impacts an estimated 7 million people across the United States. It’s an autoimmune […]

How Androgenetic Alopecia Differs Between Men and Women

In a world where our external appearance often acts as an extension of our identity, hair holds a crucial place. But what happens when our crowning glory starts to thin and eventually disappear? In both men and women, this phenomenon is most frequently attributed to a condition known as androgenetic alopecia. It’s a genetic, patterned […]

The Link Between the Menopause and Hair Loss

The menopause can trigger all kinds of unpleasant side effects. From mood swings to hot flushes, going through this dreaded milestone can have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing. One potential side effect many women aren’t prepared for, is hair loss. Due to hormonal changes within the body, many women begin to experience […]

Could Popular Weight Loss Drugs Be Causing Hair Loss?

The recent introduction of Ozempic and Wegovy, two highly effective weight loss drugs, has brought hope and excitement to those looking to shed the pounds. However, while many users celebrate their success, an alarming side effect has surfaced in various online discussions: hair loss. This unexpected consequence has left some people questioning the cost of […]