In the Press

Independent article on Hair Transplant Surgery

Dr David Fenton on Hair Transplant Surgery in Independent

Dr David Fenton comments that the success of hair transplant surgery depends on two things: enough hair supply on the back of the scalp and a good surgeon.

Daily Mail article on Sun Damage

Dr David Fenton on Sun Damage in Daily Mail

Dr David Fenton advises using creams with a high protection sun factor of 50 or 60.

Daily Mail article on Women and Statins

Dr David Fenton on Women and Statins in Daily Mail

Women shed more hair than they should when on statins and Dr David Fenton sees many women who are taking statins suffering from thinning patches.

Daily Mail article on Rosacea

Dr David Fenton comments that often the biggest danger of Rosacea was the damage to the sufferer’s self-confidence.

Daily Mail article on Real Life Alopecia Story

Determined musician Nell Bryden refused to let hair loss ruin her life.

Daily Mail article on Using Primrose Oil to Treat Eczema

Primrose oil has been found to be ‘useless’ for treating your eczema. Dr David Fenton calls the findings disappointing for sufferers.

Good Housekeeping article on Female Hair Loss

Dr David Fenton on Hair Loss in Good Housekeeping

Dr Fenton sees more cases of female hair loss because women will no longer accept this condition when there are treatments available.