Membership of Learned Societies

Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine
Fellow of the St John’s Hospital Dermatological Society Member of the Dowling Club
Member of the British Association of Dermatologists Member of the Association of Broadcasting Doctors

Other Academic Activities 

Former Senior Registrar representative for dermatology subcommittee South East Thames Cofounder and Medical Adviser to Alopecia Areata Society (` Hairline’)
Founder Member of the Keratin Club, MRC, Northwick Park
Founder Member of European Hair Research Society
Founder Member of Hair Research Society, USA
Reviewer for BMJ, BJD, Journal of AAD, Clinical and Experimental Dermatology and Postgraduate Medical Journal
Member, BAD Patient Support Groups Committee
Member, Medical Advisory Committee, Vitiligo Society
Medical Advisor, British Red Cross (Cosmetic Camouflage Section), London Group

Get in Touch

“I just want to say thank you to Dr David Fenton (and his team!) for the exceptional care and kindness shown to my son over the last 18 months. His support also to an anxious mother has been tremendous”

JT, London

“It is always so lovely to see Dr Fenton and I want to thank him for the support, encouragement and kindness he always shows myself and my husband. We really appreciate the time and wise words that he so kindly gave us.”

ZD, Essex

“I’d like to say thank you to Dr Fenton for being such an amazing doctor for the last 24 years and all his help in treating my alopecia.”

KM, Surrey

“I am so grateful to Dr Fenton’s gentle ministering and I am so glad to say that with his help my hair has totally grown back now. Although not life-threatening, alopecia was disheartening and I was so pleased to be able to come and see Dr Fenton and be treated so successfully. It is amazing the quackery and suggestions that are out there! I am very lucky.”

JD, Kent