Cure for Baldness

Researchers have discovered a protein that could be the cause, and potentially the solution, to baldness. The American based study revealed that excess levels of the TGF-beta protein can lead to balding, while the right levels can strengthen and grow the hair.

So, could this lead to a potential cure for baldness? Here’s everything you need to know…

Researchers claim TGF-beta could be cure for baldness

New research carried out by the University of California, Riverside, found that high concentrations of the TGF-beta protein killed off hair follicles. However, when the levels of the protein were deemed to be ‘just right’ it triggers the follicles to produce more hair.

This suggests that controlling the levels of TGF-beta could prevent hair loss, as well as encourage hair regrowth.

The cells in hair follicles frequently die off daily. This causes the hair to naturally shed. However, there are also stem cells situated in the follicles which never die, that are responsible for producing new hairs. So, TGF-beta could help to stimulate new growth in follicles that have previously been killed off.

The research included datasets that had been based on testing carried out on the surface of the skin. This revealed the concentration of several chemicals, including the protein.

While it is certainly exciting, the results of the study are limited, experts warn. The dataset that was used mostly related to hair growth in mice. However, the way hair growth is regulated between mice and humans is completely different. Another issue is that normal hair cycling is used, rather than male pattern baldness.

With this in mind, it isn’t yet possible to say whether the TGF-beta protein could be a cure for baldness.

Could the protein cure all types of hair loss?

The findings of the research show that controlling protein levels could potentially help to prevent male pattern baldness. However, there are lots of different types of hair loss and each has their own set of causes.

It is therefore unlikely that the TGF-beta protein could cure all types of hair loss. As mentioned above, there is also some sceptism over whether it could help to combat male pattern baldness too. Further research on human patients needs to be carried out before we can know how effective the protein is at preventing baldness.

Treatment options for male pattern baldness

While the latest research does provide some hope for a potential cure for male pattern baldness, it will be some time before the protein can be used as a mainstream treatment, if at all. In the meantime, patients do have alternative options such as topical treatments and medications.

Minoxidil and Finasteride are two effective treatments commonly used to treat male pattern baldness. To find out the best treatment option for your hair loss, call  0207 580 8356 to book a consultation with a hair specialist today.